ft BattleSRO - Reborn | D14 | 1000 Free Silk | New Uniques | New Glows ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

BattleSRO - Reborn | D14 | 1000 Free Silk | New Uniques | New Glows


-Exp/Sp x200
-Drop x51
-Gold x15
- Sox Drop rate x2 (uniques: Jupiter,Baal,rate x2 drop deg14sox)
- Alchemy x1,5
-Job profit rates x100
-Level Cap 120 -Skill cap 120 (soon125)
- Dedicated server 24/7
- New Starter interface added
(Get now 3 Silk/hour. -Get 4 Silk/H (Must say 24H online). -Get 5 Silk/H (must stay 7Days online). INFORMATION: You don't need to stay online on a piece. After log off you time will summed. And if you summed enough minutes, you will reward silk or higher up one silk class.)

Start Items:

-Race :EU/Chini Yes
-Auto Potion: Yes
-Magic Pop : atm disabled
-Alchemy : Yes
-FGW : (x2-x3 hig drop rate cards)Yes
-FTW is Wednesdays 18:30 clock - 20:30 clock | | Saturdays 21:00 to 23h clock
-CTF : Yes
-Events : Yes
-Coins : Yes
-Job Cave : Yes
-Fortress : Yes
-Jupiter : Yes

New Glows

New Uniques
<<lvl120 Unique, - Add Notice: [ [GM] Lady Nikita ] has appeared or [ [GM] Lord Seymour ] has appeared, - Add free Silk drop
 <<lvl120 Unique, -Add Notice: [Kidemonas] has appeared, -Add free Silk drop
<<lvl93 Unique, - Add Notice: [Ghost Gluttony] has appeared, - Add 25% drop chance of "Water Slave"- Pickpet (28Days),- Add free Silk drop for Ghost Gluttony
Free Silk Shop 

Free Silk gets her from Uniques [Free silk drop rate its hig]
Item Mall , Extra Avatar Shop, Extra Mall 

Helper Shop deg11-14deg stones

Hide and Seek (reward deg13 sun items) and many more rewards

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