ft DivineRoad | 120 Cap | Jupiter | Fortress works | 13D | PVE | WebMall | much more ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

DivineRoad | 120 Cap | Jupiter | Fortress works | 13D | PVE | WebMall | much more

We want to present you our little Project, DivineRoad.
It's a low Rate Server with not much Events.
Here the people know what their things are worth.

You can vote every 12h. Each vote round you earn 12 Silks.
Fortress war => registration on friday => war on saturday each week!

12D Magic and Attribute Stones can be dropped by Monster at Mirror Dimension.
Pig Pet with 5 pages.
Battle Arena and Capture the Flag working.

Bot is allowed.
If you miss something post it here.

Full Client MediaFire
Full Client GoogleDrive
Media GoogleDrive
Media Filehosting.org

Events every week (Sunday)   Rates   Values   StartItems   values 
Hide and Seek LvL Cap 120 Gold/Silver Exp scroll 1 each
Unique Kill Gear 13D Grap pet(Monkey 3 days) 1
Trivia SoloExp 50x Damage/Defense Scrolls 5
more... PartyExp 65x HP/MP potions(Large) 1000each
more ideas can post in forum Gold 10x Instant return scrolls 20
Drop 15x Globals 5
Alchemy 1x Reverse Return 10
Magic-Pop 1.5x

Reborn System:
It's a bit different as on other server.
Required Lvl is 120,
Lvl reset to 1,
all skills deleted,
stats reseted to 20 + 5 * number of rebirth,
remain stats 0,
remain SP 250 k * number of rebirth,
maximum of rebirth is 5,

Arena Coins can be exchange by GM for 13D.
WebShop soon will come.

WebItemMall with more dresses:

There are more than one method to use the donate for example paysafecard.

Ingame-System: D.I.V.I.N.E Event Item Drop

Those can be exchange every week for Skill Points or Arena Coins.
(more information can be found ==> HERE <==)



Ingame Pictures:

For the Moderator, Backlink is in the Menu!

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