ft Blue-Sro | Cap 130 | Free Silk | D15 | Daily Events | New Fortress | FGW | Baghdad | Stall Room | Vote4Silk | Bone Roc | Coin System ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Blue-Sro | Cap 130 | Free Silk | D15 | Daily Events | New Fortress | FGW | Baghdad | Stall Room | Vote4Silk | Bone Roc | Coin System

New SRO system with 130 cap ,Our server will give you a new uniqueSRO experience that you've never had before, due to our brand new unique system created by [GM]Admin! Please, visit us at our website to know more: www.blue-sro.com

Server Information
-Cap: 130
-New game play system
-Fortresses: Constantinople, Hotan, Jangan, Bandit
-Mastery: 390 Chinese, 260 European
-D15 Items
-Euro and Chinese races
-Battle Arena
-Forgotten World
-New skill animations
-Skills cap 130
-Baghdad town
-NPC Room
-Stall Room
-Extensive avatars selection
-All Arabian uniques
-5000 starting silks (will be removed soon, so hurry up!)
-Monsters lvl 125 Drop Arena Coins
-Fortress war twice a week, every Saturday and Tuesday at 9:00 PM server time
-DG14 SoSun gear is bought with arena coins
-Baghdad mobs drop arena coins

-Darkness Town
-Darkness Uniques
-Underworld Cave
-Arabian Uniques Room
-Bone ROC
-Bone ROC room
-Baghdad town
-Constantinople fortress
-Custom avatars
-Custom yellow titles
-Custom job suits
-NPC Room
-Stall room
-Daily unique events
-Interactive GM's

Web features: -Server stats
-Top players
-Top job ranks
-Donation page w/options
-Server time
-Facebook fan page hotlink
-YouTube hotlink
-News feed
-Update announcements
-Vote for Blue Coins
-Server info and rates

General Information
  • Fortress War : Working
  • Battle Arena: Working
  • Honor Buffs: Enabled
  • Forgotten World: Enabled 
  • Advanced Elixirs: Enabled
Server Team
  • [GM]Admin
  • [GM]Honiffer
  • [GM]Heroes
  • [GM]Kronos
    Screen Shots


    -Weekly job event added! Be the top in your job and earn blue coins weekly!
    -Added more features to the website!
    -Alchemy is improved! Success rate is now 100% from 4~7 and from 8~10!
    -Fortress war is now two times weekly!
    -Vote for Blue Coins added! There's no vote limit, and for every vote you get a point. Points can be exchanged for Blue Coins, only rule is, you can't exchange less than 100 points... Vote for us now!

    So what are you waiting for!? Join us now and begin an adventure full of thrill and challenges!

    11 التعليقات:

    help please :O /// why avatar dont buy ?

    what kind of avatar you can not buy it ?

    blue sro is very nice game its have a new buff and new attack and ave room of event and Npc room and a new pet and a new avter come fast look its challange game my character name is M_ahmed_M if u play blue sro pm me i will up lvl u and i will give u gold my character name is M_ahmed_M

    Start From Level 1

    Weekly Server Inspection Completed

    We are addding Web Item mall

    Update Information

    - Added Item mall in website

    - Added 15D Adv Elixir Class B with Silk price

    - Added all 15D Weapon ( MooN ) CH / EU

    - Added 15D Set ( MooN ) CH / EU

    - Adeed 15D Accessory ( MooN ) CH / EU

    - Added 14D / 15D Lucky Powder in Web Item Mall with Silk Price

    - Added New Item Gold Trade Coin in Web Item mall (440 M, 360 M, 240 M )

    - Added Global Chat In Web Item Mall

    - Database Backup

    -We apologize for any inconvience, and we wish you a happy time in Blue Road.

    anyone can help me how can use mbot cracked for blur server?? i cant run the mbot even i followed the guide

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