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FlagSRO | Cap 110 | New Weapons | New Quests | Elite Team | Start Items Quest | Start Area | New Quests | Cons FTW | New Glows | New Uniques

Hello ,
We,FlagSro Team are proud to present you "Flag SRO" , server owners are professional people which know what they do , so they will present you many updates which will make the game more enjoyable , join us and be sure you will find the fun with us
Server Information:

Level Cap : 110
Mastery : 360
EXP/SP Rates : 150x
Party EXP/SP Rates : 200x
Drop Rate : 50x
Gold Rate : 50x
Job Rate : 150x
Alchemy : 3x
Botting : allowed

Link To mBot : [Release] mBot Crack! ([VSRO] Current version: 1.12b)

Website: FlagSro Gamming Network
Register: FlagSro Gamming Network | Register
Download: FlagSro Gamming Network | Download
Facebook: FlagSro Gamming Network | Facebook

Screen Shots 
 First 50 player will get 500 Silk and 50k sp have fun
Start Itmes

Then go teleport to town and go kill mobs to reach level 110

And we added Sun +7 Items FB in NPC's D1~D9 to help you to gain level 110 fast

After you reach level 110, You can choose your free title from Quest-List NPC In Jangan

If you're asking about nova items from where you can get it ?

Easy you can get your full Nova Items from attack in Alexandria mobs lvl 101 - 110 mobs it drop so fast

You can collect tablets / elixers from this mobs also

If you're asking about Egy A Items from where you can get it?

You can get Egy A Weapons from kill 2 Uniques " Thief Boss Kalia & Giant Overlord " this uniques drop egy a weapons It appear in alexandira

If you're asking about Arena Coin from where you can get it?

You can get Arena Coin by 2 ways ,

1st Battle Arena

2nd Event So-Ok

Yes, you can get Arena Coins by kill people in Event So-Ok when you kill one in Event So-Ok you'll get 1 Arena Coin so join it and kill many people to gain many Arena Coins

If you're asking about Gold from where you can get it?

You can get Gold by make Trade's, Each trade 5 star gives you 1B ++

Premium Plus Plus Status

New Lucky Powder has more lucky & degree 11 elements (Hotan Accessory NPC)

FlagSRO Roc Room

Pvp Area

Kidemonas Appear in Alexandria (This Unique drop Angel Powers Dress)

Donate Avatars NPC

Arena NPC, all items in this npc for Arena Coin

Medusa In Jangan

New Glows

Constantinople fortress war  

Egy C Items Pictures SET

EU Weapons

CHN Weapons

Take the Quest from the Baby Isyutaru NPC >>>It's the new Update that's coming soonWhen you create a new char you'll appear in "Start Area"

Take the Quest from Baby Isy Quest NPC

Then teleport to Muhan Uniques Room

And Kill 20 Baby Isy

Then Teleport back to Start Area

Go get your rewards

You'll get your Start Items + you will be level 37+++ / 15,000 skill point / Title: Duke

question and answer

Can i get free items from GM?
No you cant, GM dont give free items
Can i get free silks from GM or Owner?
No you cant, if we give silks we give to all players
If i got scammed what to do?
If you trade or do something make screen shot [Chat , Exange and other ofc]
Are bot is allowed?
Yes Bot Allowed MBOT / SBOT Working

Server have much lag?
No server is wery stability no lags
I vote 4 silk and i dont got silk what to do?
After vote you need reconnect in server/website
I got crash every minute i use only media.pk2 whats wrong?
Download full client.
What to do if Game master ask for my ID/PW?
GM's never ask ID and Pasword.

Active Gm's Support The Game 24/7

That is Just a preview of the Server , If you want to Fully Know about it you should try it , Testing it yourself is the best way to know how unique it is better than making threads

Best Regards, Flag Sro-Team

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