ft Layon Online | Cap 100 | Low Rates | Jangan Fortress | Ip Limit | Free Silk | CTF | Events | Start Items ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Layon Online | Cap 100 | Low Rates | Jangan Fortress | Ip Limit | Free Silk | CTF | Events | Start Items

1. Exp: 30x
2. Pt Exp: 45x
3. Drop Rate 10x
4. Gold Drop Rate 3x
5. Job rate 20x
6.Alchemy rate: 1x

a,) Not available for SOX and NORMAL Advanced elixir.
b,) Vigor Grain dropped Monsters.

c,) Medusa & Roc available for Really Spawn Points.
Roc: Every Weeks, Sunday (GMT+1) 17:30 ~ 20:30 (180 min)
Medusa: EveryDays (GMT+1) 8:00, 12:00, 16:00, 20:00, 0:00, 4:00
d,) Fortress War:
-Now Only 1 Frotress: Jangan Fortress.
Fortress Registration Time:
-Every Weeks, Friday(GMT+1) 0:00~0:00 (1440 min)
Fortress Time:
-Every Weeks, Saturday (GMT+1) 18:00~19:00 (60 min)
Fortress Tax Period:
-Every Weeks, Sunday (GMT+1) 6:00~18:00 (720 min)
e,) Evil Uniques spawn DISABLED!
f,) IP Limit: 5 Character
g,) Free silk:
-Dont have Vote
-Silk/Days only: 2silk/day
h,) CTF Available.
-Every 2 Hours.
i,) Battle Arena System not available.

-Constantinople,Samarkand,Hotan,Down hang,Down hang Cave,Jangan,Jangan Quin Shi Tomb,Rock Mountain.


S,T,A,R,T event.
-Kill the monsters and collected (S,T,A,R,T) letters.
-Talk to CTF Manager and exchange 10 collection.
-1 hours 5% Skill Exp Scroll
-Zerk Potion
-STR 5 Increase Scroll
-INT 5 Increase Scroll
-1 hours 10% Exp
-+1900 MP Increase Potion
-10k Arrow
-1 hours 20% Exp
-Magic Pop Card
-10k Bolt
-1 hours 15% Skill Exp Scroll
-1 hours 20% Skill Exp Scroll
-+1900 HP Increase Potion
-1 Day Gold Time Ticket
-Pandora Box
-10D STR Stone
-10D INT Stone
-100% Attack Rate Super scroll
-100% Parry Rate Super Scroll
-Party Summon Monster Scroll

The Server Open!
Start Items :
1.1 Day gold time ticket and Silver Time Ticket
2.7 Days Grab Pet.
3. Potions.

Official webpage:
Facebook Official

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