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Venture | 85 Cap | Balanced Classes | Skill Extensions | New systems | Low Rates | Removed Vigors | Job Temple | D8 | New Quests | New Edits

Your adventure begins here!
  •  Cap: 85
  • Races: European & Chinese
  • Degree: 8 (no Seal Of Sun for balance reasons)
  • Map: China including Mt. Roc, Qin-Shi Tomb and Job Temple(scaled down to level 85-90)
  • Rates: 25x XP, 25x SP, 14x Items
  • Balances: Removed vigors, balanced PvP between all races and classes
  • Starting level: 42 (we realise the first levels are boring)
  • Mall: Only items that do not give you an advantage, so you can't pay to win.
  • Extra features: New endgame skill system to make your character unique, an endgame system to get from 80 to 85 through quests, new uniques, improved grinding spots, the most advanced statistics page/armoury ever to be seen (armory will be added later).

Venture features an incredible amount of custom content that has never been done before. Every character is absolutely unique and is defined by the way you want to play. Every style of play has been rejuvenated whether its grinding pvp or jobbing.

  • Exp:25x
  • Sp:25x
  • Drop:14x
  • Gold:6x
  • SoX:4x*
  • *8th degree drops for som armor and sosun entirely have been disabled.

Custom cap
We've developed a system which will allow players to customize their characters like never before.

Our normal cap is 80, meaning you can grind to level 80 on mobs, after that it will not be able to level up from monsters anymore. To reach level 81 to 85 there are custom quests available in Jangan, each with a unique goal. Upon completing one of these quests you will advance a level and gain a title, granting you the stat points and skills available on the next level. Upon reaching level 85 you will unlock the skill extension system.

Skill extension system
An incredibly innovative never before seen system which allows us to literally provide an endless amount of content and customization to the players.

You can unlock skill extensions by reaching level 85. Once you're 85 and your skills are the same level you'll notice that you can push your skills even further. After 85 every skill gains from 3 to 6 new levels. These levels will each cost an immense amount of skillpoints which is why you'll have to take up a quest and go to the job cave where you will compete with other players to complete the quest and get your skill point rewards.

Each character has a limited amount of quests he can do, therefore you have to choose which skills you want to extend further which will allow you to have a completely unique character that fits your style.

Job temple

You can enter the job temple at level 80. By purchasing tokens from the hotan blacksmith you'll be able to respawn upon death at the cave entrance, which saves you the journey all the way from hotan.
All the mobs in job cave have a chance to drop gold coins. With gold coins you'll be able to purchase a seal of moon weapon from the Hotan Blacksmith.


Whether you want to solo grind or whether its party play Venture features a large variety of grind spots throughout the whole map and the Qin-Shi dungeon.

These custom spots have been adjusted to have an incredibly fast spawn rate, hence compensating for the lower exp rates.


Over 25 custom ancient monsters have been added throughout the lands of Venture. 2 Types - Ancient and Raid. Ancient monsters have increased attacking power and a large health pool. Raid Ancients are even stronger and in many cases will require you to team up with other players to take them down.

Lower level ancient and raid monsters have a high chance to drop seal of sun weapons.

Grinding spot and ancient spawn maps will be available at our website once Venture launches.

Reviving the item system

Various items have been added throughout the game which you can acquire from either killing ancients or venturing into the forgotten world.

We removed alchemy materials from drops and just added stones to Hotan Jeweler.
Items you can get:
Global chatting, monster summon scrolls, pandora boxes, speed boost scrolls*,gold boxes, experience tickets*.

*Speed boost - an item which increases your speed for a short period of time, use it to get away from a troublesome situation or to catch up to your target.
*Gold box - item which can only be sold to NPCs. There are different grades and types of gold boxes, one worth more than the other.
*Experience ticket - items which drop in all forgotten worlds up to the last one (81-90). You can take a quest in Jangan which will allow you to exchange your ticket for an experience reward. There are different types and grades of experience tickets aswell. This also compensates for the lower exp rates.

The item mall and Magic POP

Various items have been removed from the game to restore balance such as:
Devil spirits, premiums*, damage/defense scrolls.
In Magic POP you can only win items that wont give you an advantage in the end game, 8d items have been removed entirely.
*Premium will later be added to the game with different benefits - (damage increase and absorption have been removed).

So to clarify: silk is not free, but almost all silk items except cosmetics can be obtained by just playing, and NOT through the mall.

Triangular conflict

Job rates and rewards have been increased. Two of the quests in the endgame leveling system will also provide incentive for players to take on a job.

All job titles have been reworked and exp requirement for levels adjusted.

After we launch we will start working on custom trade points throughout the map with different rewards and challenges.

To fight corruption and nonsense we have a small team:
  • Nezekan - Hosting, website management (dedi/webservers etc);
  • Qynchou - Promotion, balancing, design, pk2 editing;
  • Perry - Pk2 editing, database editing, website coding/management, balancing. More details on forum


A lot of stuff we haven't mentioned in this thread is because its just too overwhelming to talk about all the features and the gameplay feel that Venture provides.
Some of the content we haven't mentioned you'll find out on your own, and we assure you - it is quite a challenge.

Due to an incredible amount of content we've created and changes we've made we'll need you to post your feedback/oppinions and reports to our forums so that we can polish the imperfections that may have been left in.

Future updates
  • A big and advanced armoury/statistics website
  • A system for buying/selecting titles on our website
  • Various new gameplay systems
  • Content based on player feedback

Are you ready for an adVenture?

Website: Still under development
Forum: Visit now
Download: Download
The key to unpack the client is: FqGSoPXwRdiRGPAWR5IE

We want to send a special shoutout to everybody that has helped us during this project, especially the following people:
  • Caipi
  • Synx
  • Overlimit
  • ZiCo
  • Pushedx
  • MegaMax
  • LastThief
  • AiroTix (for the amazing webdesign)

Want to see more Venture videos? Visit Qynchou's channel.

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