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Silkroad Private Servers

EvilRoad | Cap90 | SoE | Old Job System | Low Rates | Oldschool | Only chin

Howdy players! Welcome in the topic of EvilRoad: another Silkroad Private Server. We are a small team of european (german) members who thought about setting up a server with some special functions and here we go. Just gain some informations out of this topic - may we see you later on ?

If you want direct access to our website and download links, please refer to this links:

Website: Silkroad Private Server: EvilRoad - Fear the darkenss!
Direct Website IP: (If the domain is down due to DNS resets)
Download: Silkroad Private Server: EvilRoad - Fear the darkenss!
Forum: EvilRoad Forums
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/evilroadNET
TeamSpeak: ts3://ts.evilroad.net

Some general backend informations on what you are actually playing:
  • CPU: AMD Opteron™ 3280 (8 x 2,4GHz)
  • 32GB DDR3 RAM
  • 2x 2000TB SATA II, 7.200upm, 8 MB Hard Drives
  • 100Mbit outgoing connection (will be powered up later on!)

Upgrades are included with time. We took this one as we thought it offers enough power to get something running!

We offer loads of features, including:

Rate Value 
Skill Points15x
Party EXP20x
Drop rate5x
Gold rate5x
Trade rate50x

  • Oldschool 90cap server
  • Only chinese race!
  • Own edited launcher!
  • Working guild emblems
  • Fully working battlearena
  • Enabled Capture the Flag (Trophy Exchanger later on website!)
  • Enabled Jangan Cave for easier leveling!
  • Old job system!
  • Special Seal of Evil - Get Orbs for killing uniques and buy some special set! (take a look at the screenshots on the bottom!)
  • Vote for silks System on the website!
  • Own website with alot effort to get it SEO optimized!
  • Multiple payment options on website to buy silks from all over the world!
  • Unique starter set (Take a look at the screenshots on the bottom!)
  • Roc adjusted to level 90!
  • Items stackable to 500 and 50 amounts (500 for pots and pills, 50 for alchemy items!)
  • Adjusted glows (refer to screenshots on bottom!)
  • Vigor in Herbalist to make leveling easier!
  • Fortress War: Jangan, Hotan, Bandit!
  • Disabled guild and job penalty!
  • Converted egyptian weapons to 10D!

That is just the start we had. We take suggestions for new features by servers all the time. Please refer to our forum at EvilRoad Forums if you got any mindblowing idea in your head!

Our "public" team exists out of 5 people, including:
  • [GM]Astinox (Me) - Team leading
  • [GM]Roxithro
  • [GM]Mixery
  • [GM]CroW
  • [GM]Weeds

All of us are german, europeans with average english skills to give you guys the best support whether on german or english. In the backend we got other guys working at the server and creating some new features, but those are NOT ment to be named in public as you will probably never notice them.
All of us give you support: Ingame, on Facebook, in the IRC and on our TeamSpeak server!

Starter set
Seal of Evil










So, feel free to join us on our very own silkroad private server. We hope to see you soon! Any other information you can get on our website which was placed above. 

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