ft TmN-Network | 80 CAP | oldschool server | job based system | CHN Only |Fortress war ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

TmN-Network | 80 CAP | oldschool server | job based system | CHN Only |Fortress war

Termination Network would like to announce its second gameserver,A oldschool one where everyone could join and ejnoy playing at the golden age of silkroad.
About: TmN,We have been in the field of making private game servers for many years now,and we decided to open this old-school server to all sro community to enjoy the old times of sro

Server Information/About the server

At the moment,We are beta testing the server in a closed beta stage
Races: CHN Only
Cap: 80
Mastery Limit: 300
Experiencerate : *not clear yet
Goldrate: *not clear yet
Droprate: *not clear yet
Alchemy rate: x1
Server name: *not clear yet

Server Features

*Stackable items
*High jobrate  
*Custom npc  
*Sun beginner weps/equipment in WEPS/Equips NPCs, AT JG/DW/HT
*XMAS Edits and event to bring XMAS Soul
*Spiecal Legendary Lv 80 Sun Weps/Equips at the crafting npc
*Old school map TmN's edit
*Fortress war : JG/HT/Bandit
*Arena: should be working soon
*edited Itemmall just like old days of sro
*tablets droprate increased
*2x mobs spawn rate
*No job/guild penatly
Would be nice to hear you telling some suggestions to improve the best gameplay

Itemmall pictures

TmN's crafting system explaining

Buy the souless item you need for example this shield

 it needs
*2000 awakening element fire
*2000 awakening element darkness
*2000 awakening element lighting
*Awakening stone of shield
You can get this items from the crafting NPC

What you do is to Manufacture the souless item
Just like this picture,

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