Silkroad Private Servers

Rango Online * Free Silk * 120 CAP * 14 DG * Constantin Fortress * Low Rates

Server with a professional management team that has only recently have its own server.

Server Information:
Chinese and European Characters
10.000 FREE SİLK
120 Cap
Exp Rate : 190x
Drop Rate : 45x
Sox Rate : 20x

For all transactions

Watching (11/27/2012) and the number is increasing net in the 45 are active player.
13dg and 14dg weapons and sets are active.
Advanced NPC order is available.
-Attack and collecting pet
1000 -1000 MP and HP pots
These bolts -10 000 Arrow and
- + MP and + HP pots
- .. and a lot more things you can easily and quickly with over 10,000 free Silk can muscle level.

GM events will be regularly winning Vip Coin Coin receive the item out. Materialism is founded on a server. As you know, the Server service is not free, but of course, will be selling Coin Coin Elite is a player without it, and you can easily improve yourself.

Live online support is always active. You have any questions you can easily answer your question.

Other Features:
There are 5 active bag Pett.
Jupiter MAP
Castle Wars
I can count a lot more features ...

More waiting for the game.
Full English Support.

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