ft StayAlive l Arabia Update l Cap 120 l 125 Skills | D14 l Constantinople FW l Free Silks ~ Private Sro

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StayAlive l Arabia Update l Cap 120 l 125 Skills | D14 l Constantinople FW l Free Silks

hello guys after regards, Desert-RoaD service present a new stable and lagless private server "StayAlive Online" with many features and news and a professional developers, so keep wait our updates in this pserver soon, this server will stay online with out any down times, and server isn't beta, we tested everything and fixed all bugs thats mean server 0 bugs, so enjoy in a clean gameplay! lets speak about our features !

Rates Values 
Start Level1
Max Level120
Free Silks10,000
Max DegreeDegree 15
Party Exp250x
Jop Rate80x
Mastery Level370

Values Links 
Website HomeClick Here
Register PageClick Here
Download PageClick Here

Name Jop 
[GM]LysoGame Master / Developer
[GM]StayAliveGame Master / Developer

Server Features

Added Baghdad Town
Added all new avatars even avatars isn't even in isro
Added All New fellow pets and more attack pets with awesome skills
Added Constantinople Fortress War
Added 5 New Areas
Added 125 Skills
Added all arabia uniques and like 10 new unique with awesome skills
Added Degree 14 Items in NPC for free silks thats mean you can get dg14 easy
Added Degree 15 Items
Added Unique scrolls in NEW NPC
Added Free Silk in Drop
Added Stones in NPC
and many more features but I can't remember all

Screen Shots
Moved Mobs + Uniques from Jupiter temple to alex
New Uniques with awesome skills 

New Npc's write event winners on it ( new system )

New Grap Pets

New Attack Pets

New Avatars

Some pictures 125 skills

Screen shots about npc Items

We don't care this server will be successful pserver or not, but just my team needs a private server to present his work into it, but be sure this server will be stable / online forever with out corrupted things, we don't care alot about donate system in this server, cause we have enough money to pay for the dedicated server every mounth so all things you can get it for free but we left a small things for donate like title , honor buff, some special items in item mall, etc etc, we tested everything in server and server working with out any bugs so enjoy in a clean gamplay!


First guild will take fortress war the master of guild will get moon weapon for free as gift only first fortress war
  Constantinople fortress war 80% done so it's have small bugs so we closed it until done it 100%, we opened only jangan fortress war for now for more challenge
125 Skills have some bugs in dmg, so if you found a skill with a low dmg use old skill of it
this bugs will be fixed next update
server website with out domain we'll add domain tomorrow

New Download Client Link
Multiupload.nl - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

Added files.fm Links
. File Upload, sharing and hosting. Serviss failu, foto un bil

New Media Link
Multiupload.nl - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

Best Regards, Desert-RoaD Services.

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