ft LSRO - 110 cap - silk/hour - D11 - Starter Items - Ctf - FTW ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

LSRO - 110 cap - silk/hour - D11 - Starter Items - Ctf - FTW

»About us...«

LSRO is one of the oldest silkroad online private servers out there. Our aim is to make neat and convenient gameplay for every person. We've opened at 8th May, 2010, and we are still standing tough. LSRO was meant to be Lithuanian at first, but about a year ago we went international. We think the best way of running a server is not by making innovations, new stuff (like 14th, 15th degree), but to make a friendly administration, which will always be ready to help to any of you, to hear your problems, complaints and suggestions. Now why so? Well, let's see. If 15th degree server will open, everybody will want to go there. Okay, let's pretend they will go. So what? They will see new stuff, try them, and that's it! They will get bored. With our administration, you will always get entertained. We will celebrate our 3rd birthday soon, and it won't be the last! We ensure you convenient gameplay, fast, almost 24/7 support and the best quality!

Server Name:
Level Cap:
Skill Cap:
Gear Cap:
EXP rates:
Party EXP rates:
Drop rates:
Gold Drop rates:
Alchemy rates:
Server files:
∙VSRO - Legend VI - Forgotten World (Also known as v1.188)∙
Permission to use bot:
Server is hosted in:
∙Double Root-Server, located in Lithuania∙

»Server itself...«

Server is pretty much default, we aren't bothering on ruining game balance at all. We don't add items, which makes huge disbalance, such as "Super premium" "Angel spirit" "Devil spirit upgrade items", that you can see on other servers. That makes game uncomfortable for those, which can't support server by donating. Ofcourse we do work on the server. We've worked slightly on game interface and convenience. We are listening to any suggestion, and we are bringing it to reality of LSRO. For example, people wanted to have extended pet bag from 1 page to more (preferably 5), we did it. We are trying to bring your every dislike, to the like!



Media (in case if you have 1.188 client):


My own skype:

My own twitter:

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Screens :

 »Events & Free silk...«

Ofcourse we do events... Every day!!! And not one! We have tons of events (Unique / Massive Unique / Survival / Hide'N'Seek / Gamble / T.U.K. / Tons of web/facebook/twitter contests!)! And yes, our events are really entertaining! We also spawn treasure boxes at weekends for you in random places, to earn some talismans!
And ohhhh... Free silk...
We have tons of ways for you to earn free silk...
For example - Video contest. Make a video - earn silk. Easy?
Don't like making videos? Okay! Make a screenshot and post it to screenshot contest - earn silk! Not easy enough?
Like our page on facebook, and share our contest post - be the winner and win silk! I think nothing is easier than that... But wait... There is...
We have our brand new silk/hour system!

Hello, guys!

I've got some great news for you!

The main aim of LSRO is to make a benefit for both sides : Players and administration.

For a long time I was considering to apply this system, and after discussions with my team-mates, we've established it!

So I present to you : Silk per Hour System.

What's that?
Simply it is a system which automatically gives you free silk per hour.
To get free silks, you just have to play! That's how easy it is! You get fun by playing, and for this entertainment, we reward you with free silks!

Normally you get 1 silk per hour.
After 1 week of online you will get 2 silks per hour.
After a month of online, you will get 3 silks per hour!

Just imagine, you play here a month, and after a 12 hours of online, you can already purchase 3 global packs, for example!

And that's not all!

Every day, a special player will be chosen, and he will be rewarded with 5 silks per hour! This part of system is called "Unique Player!". "Unique Player" is being changed every single day.

Thanks Caipi for this.

I hope you will enjoy it!

LSRO Administrator Dimka.
 »One more thing...«

Our administration is always creative. We are always full of new ideas, which we try to bring into reality. But you should consider the fact that I'm strict to new things, because I always think of "What if it fail...", and I don't want to risk much!

Ofcourse we have donations to keep our server alive. This includes Bank Transfer / SMS (for most EU countries), WebMoney (Eastern Europe), CashU (Northern Africa and Eastern Europe), and PayPal (Mostly worldwide).

Thank you guys for reading this, I hope to see you in-game!

LSRO Administrator Dimka.

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