Silkroad Private Servers

Secret Road | Cap 110 | 1M Silk For Free | +7 Npc | Weapon effects

Hello this is secret road game " Cap 110 "

Type : PVP

1 milion Silk For Free

the offical site of game : Secret Road - Cause were so sparky.. Or Click Here


[Owner] Mr_LonLey
[GM] BanJan
[GM] BanHummEr
[GM] Lock_Up
[GM] OxPort

Secret Road videos :

And more videos about secret road on youtube site 

Screen Shots:-

  Weapon effects

Fire Weapon


New Effects and skills

Advance +5

Another Effect  

Items FOr 1 GOlD

New PETS :-

New Towns 

All Avatars For Free

game shop

Global for 3 coin

i think we are the best cuz .. secret road opened in 1/1/2012 and we have more players and we don't have any problem in the game and no bugs or lags

try to download the game and you will see the best private server

Events Every day ! For Nice gifts

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