ft Dynasty Online | 100k Free Silk | 10D | FTW | Coin System | Chinese only | Starter Items | New moon glow ~ Private Sro

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Dynasty Online | 100k Free Silk | 10D | FTW | Coin System | Chinese only | Starter Items | New moon glow

Hello everyone,Welcome to DynastyOnline thread, I'd like to introduce our new server, Just gain some informations out of this topic - may we see you later on?! 

Server Description

If you want to download Dynasty-sro , please refer to this links:-


Server Information
Level cap 100
Max Degree 10D
Mastery 300
Races Chinese only
Server capacity 1000
Server traffic stats Easy
Fortress war Working
Capture the flag Working
Battle arena Working
Stall & consigment Working
Files Vsro files
Server Status Online 




  • -3 inventory Slots
  • -Dedicated Server
  • -Instant lvl 100
  • - Free silk
  • -Lag free
  • -Normal +5 FullBlue sets, accessories, shields, weps can be bought at NPC's in JG
  • -Stones can be bought at npc in Jangan
  • -Jangan, Donwhang Only available !
  • -Daily events with nice rewards
  • -Active & Friendly GMs
  • -Fortress war (JG) is working only atm.
  • -Battle Arena + Capture the flag + FW are working.
  • -Stackable Potions up to 10k, Stackable elixirs
  • - Job Cave [Working]
  • - No penalties. you can leave the guild anytime and join another guild
  • - Changed Mangyang to Lvl 97 mobs
  • - New Moon glow !
  • - New glows !
    There are more features in our game,Come in and find it out!

      • Dynasty online - Team:
        • [GM]Jack
        • [GM]Galaxy
        • [GM] Tonicum
        • [GM]Xizt

        Some Screen Shots
        Launcher :

        New moon glow!

          Start items :
        NPC Weapons +5 FB.  

        New Title:

        New Avatar :
        FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions :-

        How can i get dynasty coins?

        • A: You can drop the Coins from Uniques, Mobs, or win them @ Events, You can get dynasty coins from Job temple too.

        Are you going to be active GMs and what about events?

        • Yes, we are active gms we are also friendly.. We have many ideas for events that we're going to make it in the server.. trust us ! you won't be bored.

        What can I do with the Dynasty Coins?
        • You can buy Sun Accessorries from Coin NPC, Silk Items, and Seal of Moon Weapons(we dont have sun weapons on our Server).. and more

        How can i get gold here?!
        • By trading, A 5star from Jangan to Donwhang gives 150mil-250mil
        You can ask your questions in the thread we will answer it as soon as possible.
        May we see you in the game?

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