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Silkroad Private Servers

Ludoworks Apricis - Multicap server | PVP/PVE Content | Professional Team | Four different Caps | Fortress By Cap | All pets | Custom Edits



Ludoworks Apricis - the new generation of Silkroad Online


We invite you to join the revival of Silkroad Online's private server community. By revival we don't mean we are going to bring out a random server with unprofessional staff that is clueless about what they do, but simply bring you the best server you've ever seen.

We don't want to create a server that is filled with bots, so we have worked on the client protection to ensure that our server will remain active, filled with real players consisting of flesh & bones.

About us..

The answer is simple - we are people. People, who are skilled and professional in what they do. Our group is bound by trust and a shared aim - to provide you the best possible experience in the MMO gaming industry. In order to achieve our goal we've formed a group of special people that have proven themselves worthy and passionate. We will offer a variety of games for your amusement - it's completely up to you which path are you going to follow and we promise that you will experience a new way of having fun as well as meeting new people in our large community.

We think that trust & knowing each other is crucial, thus we give you a list that consist of all our team members description; what they are interested in, how old are they, what do they do and what is the quote they adore.

Team >» Zorta

Age:» 17
Interests:» Table tennis
Quote:» "Is it wrong to be strong?"
Role:» HTML & CSS coder

» dshort

Age:» 28
Interests:» Graphic ats, Music, Martial arts
Quote:» "An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way."
Role:» Designer

Perry || Perrytje

Age:» 18
Interests:» Too many to name; gaming, programming, design, economics, law, architecture etc.
Quote:» "Sorry my patience is on cooldown."
Role:» Developer

» Bob

Age:» 28
Interests:» Programming, playing video games
Quote:» "Security is nothing but allusion."
Role:» Security Manager

» Andrew || MeGaMaX

Age:» 20
Interests:» Programming & Game development
Quote:» "The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear."
Role:» Security Manager & Developer

» John Dillinger

Age:» 22
Interests:» Swimming
Quote:» "Words will always retain their power."
Role:» Founder & Sales Manager

» Peter || w1nt

Age:» 22
Interests:» Video making / 3D Graphics / Creating games
Quote:» "Say it's possible."
Role:» Video editor

» Lucas || Hazecw

Age:» 18
Interests:» Music, TV Shows, Coding, Designing
Quote:» "Can we consider people to be simply living in their own world, shaped by their beliefs?"
Role:» EU Community Manager

» Boly Jake

Age:» 22
Interests:» Game Development
Quote:» "I'm a nice guy, but don't make me angry because I would.."
Role:» Developer

» Alex || Xelamats

Age:» 21
Interests:» Girls
Quote:» "Everything youre experiencing at this moment,? the moment you are at now, is just a memory of what your future self has done."
Role:» US Community Manager

» Jean || LastThief

Age:» 21
Interests:» General Silkroad developing / PHP / C#
Quote:» "Don't argue with an idiot they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience"
Role:» PHP Coder

» Drew || Drewbz

Age:» 21
Interests:» Programming
Quote:»"plz kid u bad"
Role:» Programmer

» Sebastian || Caipi

Age:» 21
Interests:» Tennis, Informatics, Caipirinhas..
Quote:»"I've tried enough games to realize, that for a long lasting success of a gaming network it is essentially needed to allow the ideas of players to have influence on the decisions of the staff. Therefore any suggeston on the part of the players is welcome."
Role:» Developer

Features >

¦¦Server with four different Caps.  
 Further information..
Four different caps to choose from upon completing the introduction quest,each level cap is separated from the other to prevent higher cap farming the other, lower ones and also each cap has a different city
 ¦¦Mastery Dealer. 
Further information..
Automated adding of masteries and skills through an NPC shop.
   ¦¦Automated Equipment.
 Further information..
You'll receive an upgraded Equipment automatically based on the Cap you choose.
¦¦Limited alchemy
Further information..
No more overpowered +20 items, the max plus available for regular players and as well as donors is now +12 (adv. elixir included) - any attempt above +12 will simply cause your item to either lose it's plus, or get destroyed, depending on your "luck" - the rates above +12 are set to ZERO.  
  ¦¦Silk Lottery (LWP & JC).
Further information..
once a day you are allowed to register your entry to a lottery which charges a fixed amount of LWP/JC off of your account. After a set duration of hours three winners are elected and they will gain a part of the winning pot of LWP/JC +25%. Participants are going to be notified over the in-game mail function when the lottery is over, plus, they will also get notified of their loss or victory and also the amount that they won.  
  ¦¦Detailed PvP-Statistics.
Further information..
rewards for specific kills made in various states (i.e jobwars).
   ¦¦Detailed GW-Statistics.
Further information..
Logged wins, losses, distributions, kills and deaths for a proper ranking and sometimes also rewards. 
¦¦Lottery Scrolls.
Further information..
which add certain items to either your inventory or storage when used.
   ¦¦LWP / Hour.
Further information..
Automated silk gain based on the time you spend online set to a specific rate(anti-bot & mc added, so no cheating).
 ¦¦Title achievement system. 
Further information..
 The majority of the titles you receive while playing on our server will be added to a virtual title-account of your character. You may switch between your titles whenever you'd like to through an ingame mail.
  ¦¦Rewarding System.
 Further information..
You'll receive for various ingame actions plenty of rewards, such as JC for kills in a jobwar and points for unique hunts etcetera.
 ¦¦Database optimizations. 
Further information..
Frequently used procedures are now revised in order to optimize the gameplay and to get rid of potential lag sources.
 ¦¦Currency BC (Battle coins). 
Further information..
 Purchases through a new currency that you can gain for killing other people in jobwars(anti-cheating measures added!).
 ¦¦Character Statistics.
 Further information..

 Advanced character overview - equipment details(blues, whites) are being logged & refreshed automatically.
¦¦Miscellaneous Scrolls.
 Further information..
 Variety of different effects such as Mastery&Skill reset and Statpoint reset.
¦¦Enhancement Log.
 Further information..
Detailed log of item enhancements(+'s) to highlight the luckiest players.
¦¦Unique Logging, plus immediate rewarding.
 Further information..
 Proper unique logging & reward system based on the difficulty of the unique.
¦¦Avatars & Uniques added (Even those which are usually incompatible with vSRO). 
Further information..
¦¦All pets included. 
Further information..
All the latest pets are added! (Grab, attack , ride , trade).

¦¦Ludoworks branding. 
Further information..
 Ludoworks logo and custom work in each town.

¦¦Dedicated Dungeons for each Cap.
 Further information..
New dungeons in each cap for hunting uniques ( Uniques drop special items ).

Dungeon Teleporter
 ¦¦Plenty of unique spawning spots. 
Further information..
Roc spawns on the map of every cap, as well as 7 other ones.
¦¦Item changes. 
Further information..
Devil & Angel Sprits items only availiable at Level 100.
¦¦Fortress War for each Cap.
 Further information..
¦¦Magic Pop stock extended. 
Further information..
New items added to the magic pop ingame.
¦¦Alchemy & Enhancement materials. 
Further information..
 Available in every main town of each cap. Includes also Lucky Magic Powders, Elements, Elixirs etc.

Further information..
Available in every town in custom NPC's - every kind of job suit.
¦¦Thieftown teleporter. 
Further information..
The thief town is now accessible in every cap town. 
¦¦Custom Areas. 
Further information..
Customized starting point, every cap has its one map area.

Start Area

80 Cap Starting Place

90 Cap Starting Place

100 Cap Starting Place

110 Cap Starting Place
¦¦Advanced Elixirs.
 Further information..
 Available for purchase in NPC's (A and B for Cap 80/90, C and D for Cap 100/110).
¦¦Recovery Grains. 
Further information..
Vigors (small) for Cap 80 and 90, Vigor (large) for 100 and 110. 
¦¦Purification Pill. 
Further information.. 
Available for purchase, but the bug was fixed.
Further information..
Fortress taxes were applied to the NPC's which belong to the fortress's Cap. 
Further information.. 
Mercenary Scrolls buyable at the Guild Manager, spawns mercenaries based on a form. Use the item and teleport, the mercenary will appear afterwards. (1 Mercenary for normal players, 2 for Guild Leaders, 3 for Fortress Guild Leaders, 9 for GM's)
¦¦Stall Network. 
Further information.. 
Accessible in each town. 
¦¦Guild member limit. 
Further information..
Changed to fit to the multicap idea as follows, Lv1 = 10 Member, Lv2 = 12 Member, Lv3 = 15 Member, Lv4 = 18 Member, Lv5 = 20 Member.
¦¦Union limit changes. 
Further information..
The amount of guilds per union was limited to three.
Media >
¦¦ Ingame Screenshots:
To be added as soon as the server goes live.
 ¦¦ Loading Screens: 
Here are some of the many Loading Screens we have:
¦¦ Videos:


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