ft RawSro | PvP Server | 110Cap | New Uniques | Join Us Now | 100K Silk | Roc Avatar ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

RawSro | PvP Server | 110Cap | New Uniques | Join Us Now | 100K Silk | Roc Avatar

Hello there,

Notice:We're going to add Prvsro Backlink tommorow, Give us a chance please.

General Information:

Website: www.raw-sro.tk

Register page: http://raw-sro.tk/

Download page: http://raw-sro.tk/

Media.pk2 link: http://rapidshare.com/files/3474088763/Media.rar

Other link for Media.pk2: DepositFiles

Sro_client.exe: Sro_Client.rar

At the Server Status you will find that 100+ online people, This is fake, The game is opened from 2 days ago.

The group of the game: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1236...72869/?fref=ts

Server Configurations:

Race: Ch&Euro
Cap: 110
Start Level: 110 with 100k silk
Mastery Level: 330
EXP Rate: 1x
Gold Rate: You start with 1b, so gold not needed.

Server Features:

•You can win that Dark Avatars from Event's or Donate for it.
•Weapons Egy A costs 300 arena coins, Egy B costs 700 arena coins.
•Items at NPC for 1 gold. [Nova+7 weapons fb 100%, Nova+5 sets FB 100%] So it be pure damage.
•There's new PvP/Unique rooms that you can go to from jangan.
•Battle Arena enabled every 1 hour.
•Elixirs are 50 stack.
•Potion are 200 stack.
•Elixirs/AdvB for Arena Coins.
•Start with premium just 5%
•Arena winner will recieve 7 arena coins, Loser will get 2 coins.
•Capture the flag will get 2 arena's for winners, losers will get 1 arena.
•New uniques added, spawn places are in the latest 2 photos.
•Jangan has got no Save Zone so you can kill anyone at Town.

Some pictures from the game:

That's how the Roc Avatar looks like:

This photo's has been taken from the Unique Room:
You can get Elixirs from here, They spawn automatically.
  ⇨⇨Server is currently ONLINE, Have fun.⇦⇦

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