ft EvaSro | Best Pve Private Server | 120 Cap | 13D Items | Free silk | Old Job System | Bot Allowed ~ Private Sro

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EvaSro | Best Pve Private Server | 120 Cap | 13D Items | Free silk | Old Job System | Bot Allowed

Welcome in Eva.Sro-Online Best Pve Privet Server

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Server Configuration
Race: Ch & EU
Level Cap: 120
Skill Cap: 120
Starting Lv: 1 With 1M Silk
Mastery Level: 360
EXP Ratio: 400x
EXP Party Ratio: 450x
Gold Ratio: 120x
DROP Ratio: 100x
Sox Ratio: 80x
Magic Pop:95%
Job: Old Job System
Job Reward Ratio: 50x With System (Both for Trader/Thief)
Bot: Allowed
Server Features
FTW Hotan & Bandit & Jangan.
FTW 2 Times Per Week ( Sunday , Tuesday and Thursday 19 GMT +2).
CTF Enabled.
Battle Arena Enabled.
Elixirs, Potions, Stones can be stacked to 1000 units.
Special Grab Pet.
Registered users get 1M Silk.
Enable Advanced Elixirs +3 +4.
Enable Magic Pop 5x.
Enable Devil & Angel Spirit.
Added Vigor Potion from the NPC.
3 Days Job & Guild penalties.
New Teleports.
New Zone PVP.
New Zone For uniques Event.
Premium stats 20%.
Monster spawn ratio has been increased to 2x.
Unique automatically Appear After 15 min.
Stones Success 100%.
Honor Buff Working.
Special Features

Special Uniques

Black Cloud

Tai-Sui (100)

Battle Golem (100)

Taishan Monster



Rage Cloud

Battle Golem (120)

Tai-Sui (120)

White Knight

Princess Miyene

Mobs 120

Death Bone Roc (coming Soon)

1.Senior General Drop Immortal/Astral D12
2.Battel Golem Drop Immortal/Astral D12
3.Tai-Sui Drop Immortal/Astral D12
4.Rage Cloud Drop Immortal/Astral D12
5.Babilion Drop Devil S (M/F)
6.Yuno Drop Global Chatting
7.The_Earth Drop Global Chatting
8.Boxer Drop zerk scroll
9.Marsking Drop Zerk Scroll
10.White Knight Drop Immortal/Astral D12
11.Princess Miyene Drop Immortal/Astral D12
12.Mob 120 Drop (Magic,Rare) D13 Items Every Mob = 1 Item
13.Death Bone Roc Drop D13 Legend

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