ft Backto90's | Midrates | CH ONLY | Exclusive Items | Cap 90 | Stackable | FTW ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Backto90's | Midrates | CH ONLY | Exclusive Items | Cap 90 | Stackable | FTW

Hello everyone,

Today i'm happy to introduce a complete new server for you all
This server is right now in Beta stage but will be launched as official very soon!

BackTo90's Rebirth



Maxtier for gear and weapon:D9

Races: Chinese only

Stackable: Elixirs 50 and Pots 1000

Towns Enabled: Jangan,Hotan and Donwhang

Botting allowed: Yes - If you are not afk which means you can check the bot from time to time when you are at the PC.

Capacity: 100 players right now - This will be increased ofcourse since the server has a lot more capacity than that


Exp - 30x

Gold - 30x

Item - 60x

Alchemy - 2x

Trade - 50x

Chocolate drop - High

You will ofcourse recieve starter items such as globals,reverses,pickpet,chocolate and many more items

Sun gear D1-D7,Alchemy stones D1-D9 and Elixirs can be obtained from our beloved NPC robots inside the towns you'll just have to collect chocolate from the monster drops in order to buy it
Skillpoints will be gained by doing quests, each quest gives 20-30K skillpoints!

Fortress war starts every sunday 19:00 GMT +1 including daily events


Register: Back To 90s R


Mirror - http://speedy.sh/D8Hgy/Silkroad-Back-To-90s-R.rar

Small package -

Communitypage: https://www.facebook.com/Backto90sRebirth

For faster download's you can use Bitcomet and download the client,Watch the picture below and see how it's done inside the Bitcomet client. 

Credits goes to icowwww90

Every registered account during beta will recieve silk after the testings, and characters won't be wiped after the beta stage

I want to give a big thank to the servercreator Hean for his fight from the long hospital visits and back to the server scene again, this server wouldn't exist without your help brother

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