ft Burning-Network | Burning Sun | 80 Cap | Custom Edits | Oldshool | Snow Flake | Job Rank Reward ~ Private Sro

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Burning-Network | Burning Sun | 80 Cap | Custom Edits | Oldshool | Snow Flake | Job Rank Reward

I'm Absolutely Proud today , to Pressent you a new Server , Burning-Sun ! It's a Balanced PVE-Server based on the Old and absolutely most Awesome 80 Cap! Ofcourse we got some Custome-Edit's Like Our Brand-New Burning-Sun Weapons. We Want you , to feel the Oldshool feelings where u've been so Happy when you droped even a Lv 72 Weapon With good stats , Where you've been a Legend if you had a Seal Of Sun Weapon, where the Fun Never End's. Do You Still Remember The old god Jobwar , You were looking arround for some one to Fight , the old awesome PVP-Fights!

Lv Cap: 80x
Experience: 30x
Skillpoints: 30x
Pt Exp/Sp: 35x
Droprate : 25x
Gold Rate: 20x
Job rate : 60x
Alchemy : 1x

Homepage : Burning-Sun
Register : Burning-Sun
Download : Burning-Sun

Why Burning-Sun ?
Powerful special Weapons, New "Seal of" System, new design, decent Rates, Awesome Support and friendly GMs, Many customized suff and funny Events, Only Chinese Race, New and special Unique spawns, Working Fortress War and Capture the flag and Battle-Arena 

How to Obtain "Burning-Sun" Weapons?
There is a Easy System, You can easy gain "Sun-Coins" way on Hunting Uniques.

There is also a Little Advertising Video.

Feedback , I'm Also a Player only , Not a Team-Member or something , i'm just advertising the Server becouse there are missing players, Searious? I Can only Recomment to Join us , if u're interessted don't be Shy! Pm me on JimBeamCola And Join Our Guild Nightmares.
 Little Upate : Snow Flake Reward Has Changed to Silk Items , Reverse,Globals ,Random Shit and Dress'es wich aren't on Item Mall!
 Update 1# We Changed to the old client, all bot's are available & Useable now, database has been wiped so far. Good Luck!

Update 2# Job Rank Reward, Each 2 Weeks TOP 3 From the Ranking will Rewarded with :
1# 150 Silk
2# 100 Silk
3# 50 Silk
 We Also Changed to the Old Client version , With old Job system etc. All Bots fully working aswell.

[PureHate] Lv 1 Fresh Opened Guild Is still looking for active English Speaking Members!
 Update 3#
- 8th Stones to normal Accessory Shop Hotan
- Randomly Items added in Avatar & Mall Item Shop Hotan
- Some little Text/Name/Category Fixes
- Special SoX Seal Glows

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