ft Nightmare-Online | 125Cap | All Skills | Special new | New Weapons | Free Silk | Baghdad | Botting Allowed ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Nightmare-Online | 125Cap | All Skills | Special new | New Weapons | Free Silk | Baghdad | Botting Allowed

The Revolution Of Silkroad
Hello guys, we presend you today >Nightmare - Online< !!
You have questions ? - Feel free to ask us, also you can find many informations in this thread


• Website:Nightmare-Online
• FaceBook :Nightmare - Online | Facebook
• Client Upload :Nightmare - Online | Full Client or Single Parts
Nightmare - Online | All files without Map.pk2! (The rest you realy must have original)

Server Configuration

• Race: Ch & EU
• Level Cap: 125
• Skill Cap: 125 (with custom new skills + 125 isro skills)
• Starting Lv: 1 With 100 Silk
• Mastery Level: 375/250
• EXP Ratio: 200x / PT 250x
• Gold Ratio: 15x
• DROP Ratio: 41x
• Sox Ratio: 1,5-2x for deg14
• Magic Pop: Custom
• Job: Old Job System Based !
• Job Reward Ratio: 100x With System (Both for Trader/Thief)
• Botting: Allowed

Server Features

• New Degree Deg 14 new Design
• Baghdad City Full Working 4 zones
• FTW Hotan & Bandit & Jangan (Wednesday / Saturday 7PM)
• Battle Arena Enabled.
• Working Guild Icons.
• Grab Pet with 5 Pages (Special Grab Pets like Mangnyang (Normal, Holy, Evil - With special effects), Ghost Monkey, Envy, CH / EU Human Char)
• Registered users get 100 Silk
• New Teleports
• Autosilk system 2silk/h - growing up by online time
• New Zone PVP
• Many new arenas (some new will add as soon as we need them)
• New Unique
• Arabia uniques

Web Features

• Change Password
• TOP 50 Char
• Forget Password
• Comment via each Update
Skills & New Stuff

  Unique Title Quests

Own Work
Nightmare Angel Dress
Blizzard Horse for lvl 105
Zombie Horse for lvl 115

Start items

Beginner Quests - Starts with D5=>D11 (Seal of Moon) 

New Uniques

Item Mall , Extra Avatar Shop, Extra Mall

Free Silk gets her from Uniques [Free silk drop rate its hig]
Phoenix Attaches

Item Mall , Extra Avatar Shop, Extra Mall

New Skills
Deg 14 New Design
Special Rooms for the future

  How to change your Ingame Name (Pay for Change)

Questions & Answer About Nightmare-Online

Q: Is Nightmare-Online Up To donation ? F2P or Pay2Play?

A: A: We're free to play but sure all servers need a few donations to pay the root. So we sell different stuff for example - Kidemonas attackpet, Isro newest fellows, ... - D14 Sun you can donate for or take time to drop. Also sure you can drop D14 SoX on uniques and Arabia mobs

//Last edit:
17.12.2012 => Add Client Link ( You need the complete Client because of lots new data, sound and particle files )
18.12.2012 => Add Link with all files you MUST have (all without map files)
22.12.2012 => Added new Logo, add infos for FTW

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