ft Legacy Network | 2 Servers | D14 and D10 | Great Edits | Free Silk System | Join us NOW | 24/7 | Without Hamachi | CTF ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Legacy Network | 2 Servers | D14 and D10 | Great Edits | Free Silk System | Join us NOW | 24/7 | Without Hamachi | CTF

We are glad to announce you , that our Network is finally online!

Register http://legacysro.com/register
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Legacy Network
Servers Info

1-Angels Valley (d14 Server cap 120 )
2-Legacy (D10 server Cap 100 )

Main Informations:
Cap: 120
Skills: 120 [new 125 skils ]
Items: D13/D14
Mastery cap: Ch: 330 | EU: 220
Serverfiles: VSRO files
ExpRatio: x250
AlchemyRate: x3
Goldrate: x50
Trade: x80
Bot: Yes

Devils Hall ( Cooming Sooon ) Evils inside the Hall
New Area Contains a Dark Monsters evils !! (Devils Hall ) In AngelsValley Face the Evils Comming soon
What we got:
  • Nice GM team
  • Daily Events (Uniques Events and more)
  • Dedicated Root
  • Support 24/7
New Skils Euro & China
Our Main Features:
  • Added D14 Sun Items to NPC for Gold and Arena Coins
  • D11 Items FB in npc in DW for the NEW players
  • New Uniques Nikita For INT and Angry Rebel For STR(Droping immortal)
  • (Manho)-for STR and (Cyclops) For INT
  • Unique Rage Cloud Appearing DW Oasis (Droping Immortal)
  • D14 Items dropping from 117-120 Mobs in the Mirror
  • Reverse Scrolls Dropping from 117-120 Mobs
  • Job Cave mobs dropping "Free Silk"
  • Sun and Moon items Added in npc for gold and Arena coins
  • FW In Friday and Thusday (2 times in week )
  • Selkis and Anubis Droping Adv Elixer (B-C-D) they Appear Every 3hs in Jop Temple
Some Server Impressions:
AngelsValley Stores 
   Custom Uniques
Angry Rebel

AngelsValley Dragon



And many more.
 For our New Players D11 Nova items on npc for 1 GOLD 
All Weps Egy B in NPC

# Details #

Name: :Legacy
EXP Rate:30x
Party EXP Rate:35x
Drop Item Rate:10x
Gold Drop Rate:15x
Alchemy Rate:1.3x
Cap Level:100 

*24/7 Online , without hamachi , less lag .
*You can find in NPC next items :
Seal Of SUN items from DG 1 - DG 5
Seal Of MOON items from DG 6 - DG 7
Seal Of STAR items from DG 8 - DG 9
*All avatars are added in item mall
*Alexandria got level 100 mobs from now,also edited all uniques [kidemonas,isis,neith etc. They are level 100]
*New NPC added.
*Invite a friend system. (Invite a friend with your refeer link , when he's going to make level 100 you will receive 100 silk) [AUTO SYSTEM]
*Gorilla added on stable.
*Fortress war working.
Registration every Friday 17:25 GMT+2 Untill Saturday 17:25 GMT+2
Start Period Saturday 17:30 GMT+2 (Duration 120min)
*Academy buffs are working.
*Auto silk 1 to 10silk/hour
*Added a special NPC in Jangan with free & usefull items.
*Fixed CaptureTheFlag / BattleArena.
*Changed 13D weapons to 10D weapons , they look now like 13DG but they are 10D. 

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