ft Azores - 13D, 130 cap/mobs&custom stuff. ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Azores - 13D, 130 cap/mobs&custom stuff.

LSRO - Azores.
Level cap 130.
Gear cap130.
Skill cap120
Monster cap130
MapsAll working (FGW is disabled).
Server filesVSRO - Legend VI - Forgotten World.
RacesEuro / Chinese.
Client Version1.343
Exp Rate150x
Party Exp Rate200x
Gold Drop Rate50x
Drop Rate40x
Alchemy Rate1.3x
SoX rate x3
Server machines 2x
 Custom stuff :

1. Towns are in "Carnaval mode". IMO pretty fun and beautiful stuff.
2. 121-130 mobs @ Red Ground, Echo Valley, Chaos Maze & Holy Water Temple. They drop 13th degree items, tablets.
Preview :
3. Start Items : 5000 SP, HP/MP/Zerk/Speed/Damage/Defense/EXP scrolls, vigor grains & 3 days grab pet. Also at start you get extra inventory page (Total - 2 pages).

4. New Avatars. The picture is just a SMALL part of it. We have many of them (Not Only in Item Mall).
5. Premium Gold Time PLUS PLUS. Extra Premium which is pretty cool by adding some bigger stats & the best IMO thing is that you get 50 instant & 50 reverses EVERY DAY.
Preview :
6. Devil Spirit S Grade & Sabakun's Jewel, which can enchance your Devil Spirit (Add + values, which will increase percentage of extra stats!)
Preview :
    7. Sun Weapons 1-42 level, instead of sos ones.
Preview :
8. XX-Large potions, HP/MP/Evasion/Accuracy/DMG/DEF Scrolls available @ Potion Shop!
Preview :
9. 13th Degree Lucky Stones, Elements, Lucky Powder, Lucky Magic Powder, Demon Shaitan Summon scrolls etc. are available @ Jewel Shop!

10. LSRO Coins System. You can drop coins from Uniques 130lv either gain by participating in Battle Arena.
Preview of LSRO Coins Shop :
11. Special Adv. Elixirs. We have A,B,C & D grade Advanced Elixirs. 12 & 13 level. A stands for +2, B for +1, C for +3 & D for +4!
Preview :
12. Special Ability Pets. We have 4 different kinds of them. They can attack and grab items. Also you can ride them!
Preview :
13. No penalties. Easy. By leaving guild / job guild you won't have to wait any time.

14. Skills from SRO-R. There aren't much of them, but it's still nice to see some variety
Preview of force tab:
15. Special Elixirs (Holy & Crystal Elixirs), which has much higher rates of success, than ordinary ones! You can drop them from 13th dg uniques!
16. And much, much, much more!

Some extra info :

The project has started back in 2010 Spring, so we have almost 2 years of existing
We have a cool team, and our administration is held without any corruption.

Links :

Main Page
Download Client (Torrent, ~1.39Gb)        

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