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[PVP SERVER] PvPerz SRO 2.0 ~ 110 Cap ~ Chin&Eu ~ Free silk, sp, gold etc ~ Dedicated

New pvp server has open, this is not like the other servers that use hamachi.
So join now and tell us what you think!

Server status:

(2012-02-20)Mirror1 New Client ver 2.0 download: Download New Client ver 2.0 - Mirrors
Website link: PvPerz got a new website!
Register link: PvPerz got a new website!
Download link: PvPerz got a new website!
Donation link: PvPerz got a new website!

-Some features we got right now-
-Starter stuff: 2000 silk, 50 mil gold, 10mil sp and instant lvl 110.
-Earn gold by making trades, or thief.
-Fortress War and Battle arena.
-Every sort of events with nice rewards!

New Job Event each week:
Each week the 3 top players of each job will be rewarded with VIP silk, the score will be reset each sunday.
1st price = 200 VIP silk
2nd price = 100 VIP silk
3rd price = 50 VIP silk

New Ver 2.0 update!
-New avatars

-Devil Spirit (S) + images
-Battle Arena update
The battle time will be changed from 5 min to 10 min.
And Party,Job and guild application will be enabled and the battle time will be 15 min.

-New attack/riding pet (Jaguar) + images
-New attackpet imbue skill + images
-Donwhang city NPC update
All npc will have the same items as Jangan has.

-Pharao Tomb with Arena coin dropp added + images
You can use the normal teleport to enter the tomb, you should be a full party to be able to win over those uniques.
All tomb uniques dropps 1-20 coin each.


New Glow   

These npc have son weapons you win from Battle arena, and a npc you can buy silk items for gold.

Hope you will like this server!

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