ft TerminatioN-SRO 120 Cap - Vote4Silk [NEW]Captivity ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

TerminatioN-SRO 120 Cap - Vote4Silk [NEW]Captivity

Here are some informations about the server

Server 1: Dependence [OLD]
Server 2: Captivity [NEW]

Both Cap: 120 with D12 Items and Alchemy
EXP/SP: 200x
Party EXP: 220x
Gold: 60x
Drop: 60x
SOX: 20%
Magic POP: 2x
Alchemy: from +5 -> +8 Chance 50%

Fortress War: Every Sunday 20:00 TerminatioN Time
Forgotten World: yes (Talisman Drop Rate is higher)
Battle Arena: Every 20 minutes
CTF: yes
Jupiter: yes (new Rooms)

All Avatars works [NEW]
All Pets works [NEW]
Reverse & Globals at the NPC
HP,MP,Vigor,Uni Pillen & Arrows able to stacking them on 10k
Pet Skills (Ice,Fire,Light) at the stable
Behemoth & Dark Lizzards at the NPC
Elixirs stacking automatically to 100
12D Alchemy Stones added to normal Monsters
12D Items added to normal Monsters
New Uniques
New Pets
RSRO Skills added
Spider Man and King Kong added

Friendly Support and 24/7 Online !

Added D13 Items but first only for the GM's

New Vote4Silk System added


New Homepage: CLICK

Full Client Captivity Server: CLICK!

Full Client Dependence Server: CLICK!


Updates 26.12.2011

- Added the whole D12 Nova/Moon Items to all 111+ Monstern in the Mirror Dimension (not nonrar D12 Set only Nova/SOM)
- Added D12 Sun Drops to all Mirror Dimension Uniques (The Earth,Yuno,Jupiter,Zielaxe,Baal,Babilion)
- Increased the Levels and HP's of the Mirror Dimension Uniques (LvL 120 and more HP)
- Added Special Drops to the Winter Uniques (White Knight 60/80/90/100, Winter Princess 60/80/90/100) for example: Santa Dress,Santa Head, Silvester Bombs, Skill/Exp, Rudolphs,Devils and so on...
- Added D12 Alchemy Stones to all 111+ Monster (Not need Tablets anymore)
-New Unqiues 
Everyday events with nice prices

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